We have moved to a new location

You can reach us from now on Inneboltstraße 121 in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany.

Everything is in motion - including our company

We would like to inform you that Mrs. Scheuvens-Lass handed over the family business to me on 01.01.2019 after more than 25 years.

I have been part of the family business since the end of the 1990s and have already been motivated to pursue this responsible task in recent years as a general representative.

Over the past few months, we have worked together to ensure that the handover was as smooth as possible in order to avoid any restrictions in day-to-day business.

In the interest of a sustainable further development of the company, we are planning various new and further developments of our proven products in the near future.

Of course, I will continue to be your contact person.

We hope that you place the same trust in me and look forward to work with you in the future as partners, customers or suppliers.

- Lucrezia Kroeger-Lass

Initial operation on site

We offer on-site initial operation for both versions of our capacitor protection system.

Our technicians will support you in setting up the control unit and check the alignment of the transmitter and receiver units.

We do not execute any installation work.

Talk to us!

Company Anniversary

In celebration of our 25 years anniversary we would like to thank all out clients for many years of loyality an for their confidence in us!

Speceial thanks are also adressed to our business partners for the efficient an confident cooperation!

Windows 10 compatible:

SPM3 Software has been tested for compatibility with the operationsystem Windows 10 Professional (64 Bit) and
Ultimate (64 Bit). No problems and/or restrictions were
detected during our tests.



now available


New Current clamps

We have extended our range of current clamps for our measuring instruments.

We will be pleased to inform and advise you on the selection of suitable current clamps for your application.  

Capacitor Protection

The base unit of the radio version of our capacitor protection
is now equipped with a data filter, which checks the
received data for plausibility.

The radio variant now has an internal radio antenna with improved range.

The infrared version has received hardware and software updates, increasing the range and making it easier to read the progress bar.

For both versions, a software update makes it easier to read the internal reception indicator. 

SPM3 Option 04 Analog Output

Defeatable Anti-Aliasing-Filter for phase comparison

Firmwareupdate SPM3Rec available

Now SDHC - memory cards with sizes up to 32GB can be used.

Firmwareupdate RTC-SD available

Now SDHC - memory cards with sizes up to 32GB can be used.

KoSchutz - Capacitor Protection

OLED display for radio- and infrared- receiver finally available!

It is now possible to equip the radio and IR receivers with an OLED display in response to many requests.

The conversion of existing systems is partly possible - please contact us for details.